Saturdays on the Sidewalk

Saturdays on the Sidewalk

Wakefield Co-operative Bank and The Savings Bank are supporting the Wakefield Lynnfield Chamber of Commerce’s Saturdays on the Sidewalk as major sponsors of the town-wide event that will be held this Saturday August 29th, as well as on September 26th, and October 24th, 2020. The event is designed to encourage residents to support local merchants throughout the town.

Through the banks’ sponsorships, the Chamber will provide $10 restaurant gift cards for each $50 purchase in products or services made at a local business on Saturdays on the Sidewalk. The gift certificates are redeemable at all participating Wakefield restaurants through November 30, 2020. A maximum of $100 in restaurant gift cards will be provided per family. Shoppers must submit their receipt reflecting the purchase of $50 or more on the three specified Saturdays at the Chamber table in front of the Beebe Library during the event or sent by text to (781) 245-0741.

The Savings Bank President Bob DiBella, left, and Wakefield Co-operative Bank President Jeff Worth, right, presented their sponsorships to Chamber Executive Director John Smolinsky, center.

Sidewalk Saturday Flyer