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Communitas Jeans Day

photo Communitas
Wakefield Co-operative Bank employees wore jeans to work last month to benefit Communitas, formerly known as EMARC. The bank’s President & CEO, Jeff Worth, doubled employee donations with a personal contribution out of his own pocket, bringing the total to $426, (which also included generous donations from bank customers).

Every month, bank employees are encouraged to wear denim to work on designated ‘Jeans Days’ in exchange for a donation to a community organization. Communitas was nominated as a Jeans Day recipient by bank employees for its powerful impact in empowering people, supporting independence and inspiring dreams.

“We were fortunate and incredibly proud to tour Communitas’ facilities; it’s clear how enabled and supported the individuals are who utilize their many programs,” said Worth. “Communitas is a hidden gem, making an impact in ways we don’t all outwardly experience, but they are there – teaching and helping people of all ages to be active members in the community and feel good about themselves.”

Located at 30 Audubon Road in Wakefield, Communitas passionately delivers programs that expand opportunities and enrich the lives of people of all abilities through family support, adult residential services, engaging day programs, career guidance, and much more.

Pictured left to right: Jeff Worth, President & CEO, Wakefield Co-operative Bank; Maureen O’Brien, Director of Community Relations, Communitas; Carlos Ortiz, Marketing Specialist, Communitas; Ariana Catino, Community Volunteer Receptionist, Communitas.

In 2018, Wakefield Co-operative Bank’s Jeans Day program resulted in more than $5,600 in community donations to local organizations such as A Healthy Lynnfield, Tall Spire Preschool, Mission of Deeds, PAWS, Lynnfield for Love, Northeast Arc, Reid’s Ride, and more.

To learn more about Communitas, visit their website.