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Kiwanis of Wakefield, Lynnfield Jeans Day

Kiwanis Club Wakefield Lynnfield Melrose

Wakefield Co-operative Bank employees wore jeans to work in January to benefit Kiwanis of Wakefield, Lynnfield and Melrose and the bank’s President & CEO, Jeff Worth, doubled employee donations with a personal contribution out of his own pocket.

Every month, bank employees are encouraged to wear denim to work on designated ‘Jeans Days’ in exchange for a donation to a community organization. Kiwanis was nominated as a Jeans Day recipient by bank employees for empowering communities to improve the world by making a lasting difference in the lives of children.

Janet Rivers, Community Relationship Manager at the bank, is a member of the newly founded Wakefield – Lynnfield – Melrose Kiwanis club, which consists of many local community members, employees, and business owners. 

“Thank you to Wakefield Co-operative Bank employees and President Worth for the generous donation to the Kiwanis Club of Wakefield, Lynnfield and Melrose,” said Karen Laplante, President. “Thank you for supporting our dedication to improving the world one child and one community at a time through our network of committed volunteers.”

Pictured left to right: John Mattuchio, Secretary, Kiwanis; Karen Laplante, President, Kiwanis; Janet Rivers, Community Relationship Manager, Wakefield Co-operative Bank and Kiwanis Board Member; Kelly Zullo, Vice President, Kiwanis.

In 2018, Wakefield Co-operative Bank’s Jeans Day program resulted in more than $5,600 in community donations to local organizations such as A Healthy Lynnfield, Tall Spire Preschool, Mission of Deeds, PAWS, Lynnfield for Love, Northeast Arc, Reid’s Ride, and more.