eStatements are paperless, instant, safe & secure.

eStatements delivered straight to your inbox. No heading to the mailbox to retrieve paper statements - you’ll receive an email as soon as your monthly statements are ready to view.

eStatements are a safe & secure alternative to traditional paper statements:

Convenient. Access & download statements from anywhere; they may be printed or saved right to your computer. No need to check the mailbox when your inbox lets you know your statements are ready.

Secure. Storing your statements electronically can protect your information from being lost in the mail. Since eStatements are secured by your online banking login credentials, they can only be accessed by you.

Earth-friendly. Opting for an electronic version saves trees and reduces greenhouse gases associated with paper manufacturing, printing and mailing.

More free space. Less paper to sort through, more organization. Your online eStatement account becomes your digital filing cabinet, always organized and easy to locate.


You must be actively enrolled in online banking to receive eStatements.

1. Login to your online banking account. If you are not currently enrolled in online banking, sign up here.
2. From the Accounts page, click on the eDocuments tab.
3. Review the eSign Disclosure and Consent information, and scroll to the bottom of the page.
4. Click on View eDocuments next to the account(s) you wish to receive an eStatement for.
5. Check the Receive Notifications box and click Next.
6. Review the eSign Consent Agreement and enter the code (located at the bottom of the PDF) into the box at the bottom of the webpage and click Submit, then click Accept.
7. You are now enrolled in eStatements! Please repeat the above steps for each account you would like to receive eStatements for.

All future statements can now be accessed under the eDocuments tab, View eDocuments link and will be viewable within your online banking account for a rolling history of sixteen months.


Electronic Statements are produced in PDF format. In addition to the System requirements for Wakefield Co-operative Bank Online Banking Services, you will need to have an Internet Browser with Internet Access and Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge at their website.