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Residential Mortgages

We offer a variety of home mortgage products and we’ll find the best fit for you based on your specific needs and circumstance. Whether you’re a first time homebuyer, upsizing or downsizing, looking for a second home, or an investment property – our experienced team of mortgage originators are here to help.

Get started by applying online or give us a call at 781-224-7341.

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Same-day pre-approval will give you an idea of how large a mortgage you can afford before beginning the house-hunting process. This will assist you and your real estate broker in quickly identifying properties in your price range and give you added leverage in the negotiating process. Get started now.
Fixed Rate Mortgage
We offer a variety of fixed rate programs with repayment periods from five to thirty years available. Fixed rate mortgages appeal to borrowers who like the stability of a fixed interest rate and monthly payment. This type of mortgage helps you manage your budget because the monthly principal and interest payments are always the same. Click here for current rates or apply online.
Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)
Our adjustable rate mortgage programs allow you to borrow at generally lower initial rates of interest that will adjust at certain intervals throughout the life of the loan. Interest rates and payments can move up and down over the life of the loan. However, interest rate adjustments are protected from extreme interest rate increases. This option may appeal to you if you plan to stay in your home for a short period of time or anticipate a significant rise in income or liquidity. Click here for current rates or apply online.
Construction/Permanent Mortgage
Our construction/permanent mortgage programs allow you to borrow funds to complete the construction of a new home or the renovation of an existing home and to automatically convert to either a fixed or adjustable rate permanent mortgage with only one application and closing process.
First-time Homebuyer Program
Buying your first home can be an overwhelming experience. Contact our lending department and they will walk you through the process - every step of the way. You can also apply online to take advantage of our first time home buyer program with the following benefits:

  • Free pre-qualification
  • Special low-interest rates available
  • Flexible underwriting guidelines
  • Low, and no, down payment requirements
We strongly advise that you do not send sensitive personal information such as account numbers or social security numbers via e-mail, as e-mail communications are not secure.