Zero Waste Melrose

Wakefield Co-operative Bank recently partnered with Zero Waste Melrose by contributing to the funding of the chalk mural for Sustainable Saturdays. Zero Waste Melrose is an environmental organization that advocates for waste reduction and recycling to promote a stronger culture of sustainability in the community.

From May-October 2022, Zero Waste Melrose will present a regular event called Sustainable Saturdays. Each week will feature a different topic related to sustainability--composting, native gardening practices, reuse/sharing, repair, and other topics.

The location will be the YMCA parklet at the corner of Main St. and West Foster in downtown Melrose. The mural will serve as a backdrop for each event, and an ongoing reminder about sustainability and the climate crisis. 

From Left to Right: Jeana McNeil, Zero Waste Melrose; Rosylene Forgione, Branch Manager Melrose Eastern Bank; Janet Rivers, Community Relationship Manager for Wakefield Co-operative Bank, Leah Valley of Zero Waste Melrose; and Melrose Mayor Paul Brodeur.

Zero Waste Melrose