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Geraniumfest & Kids Day Sponsor

Wakefield Co-operative Bank was a Gold & Flower Sign Sponsor of the annual Geraniumfest and Kids Day, run by Townscape Lynnfield, on Saturday, May 12th.

"The event was a great success despite the rain, and we are well on our way to reaching our goal of rebuilding the playground at Jordan Park," said Kathryn Price, Event Coordinator. "As we looked around this weekend, we saw a thriving community supported by local businesses and fellow residents of Lynnfield who volunteer their time to help. These groups working together are what creates that sense of "thriving," and we so appreciate it."

Pictured below: Jennie Terry, Marketing & Social Media Manager; Kathryn Price, Event Coordinator; David Fama, Mortgage Originator & Business Development; Melissa DiBlasi, Event Coordinator.

Geraniumfest Plant Sponsor