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Kid Kindness Grows with WCB

Kids Kindness Group at Wakefield Co-op Bank

Local ‘Kid Kindness’ families visited Wakefield Co-operative Bank on Saturday, June 16th to participate in a mini ‘Teaching Kids to Grow’ (TKTG) lesson from Community Relationship Banker, Janet Rivers.

Kid Kindness is an organization based in Wakefield that focuses on involving young people in philanthropic, community projects. Kid Kindness Advisor, Katie Wadland, met Janet at the first annual STEAM night at Galvin Middle School back in March where she was sharing the bank’s ‘Teaching Kids to Grow’ program and helping students create mini greenhouses.

Wadland saw a perfect opportunity to involve Kid Kindness families in watering the TKTG gardens at Galvin Middle School, which require volunteers on weekends during the summer to keep them flourishing and providing fresh produce to Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry (WIFP).  Wadland and Rivers then arranged a two-hour TKTG program for children to plant tomato and pepper plants at Wakefield Co-operative Bank, visit the new gardens at the Boys & Girls Club, and water and pick the first crop of lettuce and herbs at the Galvin gardens. Rivers’ lesson wrapped up with a tour of Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry where the first, fresh crop of Galvin produce was donated. 

“Thank you so much to Janet for her time, effort, and enthusiasm,” said Wadland. “I was really impressed at how 'into' it the kids got  - especially at the Galvin gardens – and loved how they were able to plant some new plants into the raised bed and water and tend to the garden.”

The Kid Kindness families were encouraged to pay it forward and donate their tomato and pepper crop they planted at Wakefield Co-operative Bank to the food pantry when it ripens as an adaptation of WIFP’s ‘Adopt a Row’ program.  ‘Adopt a Row’ encourages local residents with gardens to designate a row in their gardens to donate to WIFP.

If you’re interested in Wakefield Co-operative Bank’s ‘Teaching Kids to Grow’ program or would like to ‘adopt a day’ to water and tend to the Galvin gardens, please contact Janet Rivers at 781-910-5011 or jrivers@wcbbank.com.

Kid Kindness was founded by Wakefield resident, Erin Cooper, and is comprised of a core team and Board of Advisors who care deeply about youth and in giving back to and supporting the community. They are inspired, and inspiring, caregivers, educators and business professionals with expertise in a wide range of areas including training, advocacy, education, and business development. To learn more, visit their website.

Kids Kindness Sign

Kids Kindness Garden