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Girls Hockey Scholar Award

Fiona Heffernan Jeff Worth
Wakefield High School senior hockey player, Fiona Heffernan, received the Wakefield Co-operative Bank Scholar Award at the team’s end of season banquet in April. Fiona was selected by Coach Chrissy Weeden for her sportsmanship, leadership, and overall positive attitude on and off the ice.

“This year’s award went to Fiona because she has the utmost respect for her teammates and unbelievable sportsmanship,” said Weeden. “She is supportive, has a positive attitude always, and is a teammate that goes above and beyond for others. I am proud to be Fiona's coach because of all she’s done for her team, never expecting fanfare or even knowing she was making a direct positive impact on the players around her. She is one deserving athlete of recognition and we so appreciate Wakefield Co-operative Bank’s continued support of the girls.”

Pictured is Jeff Worth, President & CEO, Wakefield Co-operative Bank and Fiona Heffernan.