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Lynnfield Art Scholar Award

Amberly McCarter Art Scholar

Lynnfield High School senior art student, Amberly McCarter, was recently awarded a $500 Scholar Award from Wakefield Co-operative Bank for her exceedingly positive attitude and willingness to take new, creative paths in art.

“We chose Amberly for the bank’s Art Scholar Award because she is continually challenging herself in Advanced Placement Art this year, creating portfolio pieces based on her own personal life experiences,” said Laura Johnson, Lynnfield High Art Teacher, who hand-picked Amberly for the award.

“Amberly stands out for her ambition and passion for art, and how she shines as an active member of our school community as varsity soccer goalie and peer advisor to freshmen students in our Compass Program. She manages to do all of this while having two jobs outside of school; Lynnfield High is lucky to have her.”

Pictured left to right is Laura Johnson; Leo Barrett, Jr., Lynnfield resident and SVP, Chief Loan Officer at Wakefield Co-operative Bank; Amberly McCarter; Jeff Worth, President & CEO of Wakefield Co-operative Bank.