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Important Card Services Update on June 1st

Our debit card provider will be performing a system update on Monday, June 1st, so here is some important information for you to know. Please read this notice in its entirety.

Debit & ATM Card Withdrawal Limits Temporarily Reduced:
June 1st ~ 1AM to 9AM

You will be able to use your card as you normally do, but please be aware that debit card limits will be temporarily limited to $500 for purchases and $500 for ATM cash withdrawals, and ATM card limits will be temporarily limited to $300 for purchases and $300 for ATM cash withdrawals. This will be between the hours of 1AM - 9AM on 6/1/2020 only.

Debit Card Activation
If you were issued a new debit card but haven’t yet activated it, after June 1st you will need to call 781-245-3890 (which is not the number on the activation sticker attached to your card) for assistance from a customer service representative.

Change PIN Number
If you need to change your existing PIN, call us at 781-245-3890 and our branch staff can reset it for you.

Account Statement Descriptions
When reviewing account activity on your statements, “(FIS)” or “(FIP)” will appear instead of “(NYC)” or “(ELN)” after the description of debit card transactions.

Debit Card Alerts
After the update, you'll need to re-register your card within Card Services to set up preferences and the alerts you desire. The alerts you currently have set will not be transferred to the updated system.

You'll see the same debit card alert options within Card Services, in addition to a few new features. You will have the ability to report your card lost or stolen right inside of Card Services as well as set an 'Any Transaction Amount Limit' alert, 'Any Transaction Over Amount' alert and access a 'Help' page.

Viewing & Setting Spending Limits
All account owners/signers will be able to see and control any debit card with which they are associated. For example, if a husband and wife have a joint account, the wife will be able to set spending limits on her husband’s card and vice versa. The last four digits of each card will display, which is how you will identify each card’s main owner.

Try 'Credit' Instead of 'Debit' During the Update
If your debit card transaction is denied during the update, please try the transaction again as a “credit” transaction. Please have an alternate form of payment available in the event the transaction is still denied. If your transaction is denied, please expect a call from Fiserv, our debit card processor, to verify the legitimacy of the transaction.

Thank you for your continued business. We value you and look forward to continuing to serve you. Please contact us at 781-245-3890 should you have any questions.