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Lynnfield for Love Jeans Day

Lynnfield for Love

Wakefield Co-operative Bank employees wore jeans to work recently to benefit Lynnfield for Love, whose mission is to spread kindness, celebrate diversity, and connect the community. The bank’s President & CEO, Jeff Worth, doubled employee donations with a personal contribution out of his own pocket.

Every month, bank employees are encouraged to wear denim to work on designated ‘Jeans Days’ in exchange for a donation to a community organization. Lynnfield for Love used their Jeans Day donation to purchase an upgraded version of Zoom to hold virtual educational meetings and webinars around the topic of anti-racism.

In 2019, Wakefield Co-operative Bank’s Jeans Day program resulted in more than $6,500 in donations to local organizations such as Communitas, A Healthy Lynnfield, Lynnfield for Love, The Mighty Meredith Project, Mission of Deeds, Samaritans Hope and more. Since its inception in 2018, the program has contributed over $14,000 to the community.

Pictured here is Lynnfield for Love’s mini-ambassador Joe with his dog Pikachu.