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MelroseWakefield Hospital Jeans Day

MelroseWakefield Hospital Jeans Day

Wakefield Co-operative Bank employees wore jeans to work recently to benefit MelroseWakefield Hospital’s COVID-19 Hero Fund which provides PPE and gestures of kindness, such as free lunch and coffee, to its heroic staff working on the frontlines. The bank’s President & CEO, Jeff Worth, doubled employee donations with a personal contribution out of his own pocket.

Every month, bank employees are encouraged to wear denim to work on designated ‘Jeans Days’ in exchange for a donation to a community organization. MelroseWakefield Hospital’s COVID-19 Hero Fund was nominated by employees as the June Jeans Day recipient to acknowledge the dedication and passion of our local healers.

“This Jeans Day donation is one of significant importance given the unprecedented circumstances over the last five months,” said Jeff Worth, President & CEO.  “We are honored to support the hospital in providing our local heroes with the resources they so deserve and we appreciate them beyond measure.”

In 2019, Wakefield Co-operative Bank’s Jeans Day program resulted in more than $6,500 in donations to local organizations such as Communitas, A Healthy Lynnfield, Lynnfield for Love, The Mighty Meredith Project, Mission of Deeds, Samaritans Hope and more. Since its inception in 2018, the program has contributed over $14,000 to the community.

Pictured here left to right: Michael Tallo, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer at WCB; Elaine Foley, Senior Mortgage Consultant at WCB; Jeff Worth, President & CEO, WCB ; Roselyn Fisher, Chief Development Officer, MelroseWakefield Hospital.