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Worth Donates 146 Turkeys & Gift Cards

Jeff Worth Wendy Dixon

Wendy Dixon from Lynnfield for Love and Jeff Worth delivering 34 turkeys to Callahan Elementary School in Lynn, where Lynnfield resident, Jim Kennison is Principal. Lynnfield for Love also provided 34 bags of side-fixins such as cranberry sauce, stuffing, and fresh flowers.

Wakefield Co-operative Bank President & CEO, Jeff Worth, shared his gratitude for the bank’s employees and the local community this Thanksgiving season by donating 76 turkeys and 70 gift cards.

Everyone who works at the bank was gifted a 14 pound turkey or a gift card to Farmland in Wakefield, and for every bank employee, Worth donated two turkeys back into the community via Melrose Helps, Wakefield Food Pantry and Lynnfield for Love.

This is the 3rd year Worth has provided bank employees and local families with a turkey or gift card to help with their holiday festivities. Melrose Helps received 34 gift cards to Shaw’s in Melrose, and Wakefield Food Pantry and Lynnfield for Love each received 34 turkeys, all of which were passed on to nearby local families before Thanksgiving.

“2020’s had its challenges but they’ve been overshadowed by triumphs, which rest squarely on the strong shoulders of our Wakefield Co-operative Bank family I’m so proud to work with,” said Worth. “This is the time of year when we celebrate our families and look warmly to others who may appreciate a little extra help to celebrate theirs.”

Jeff Worth and Mayor Brodeur

Jeff Worth (right) with Melrose Mayor Paul Brodeur who established Melrose Helps in March of 2020 initially as a weekly call program to the senior residences of Melrose to check-in and ask if they needed assistance. Melrose Helps expanded as the year evolved, and now assists in senior medical supply deliveries and rides and provides weekly grocery delivery to families and senior residences. Melrose Helps volunteers also hand-delivered masks to every household (12,500 households received 5 masks) and provided 2 additional masks delivery programs to all the Senior Housing Complexes in Melrose, (6 locations, 726 apartments, 760 people). The organization also distributes school supplies via donations received from Melrose Edward Jones Financial and Melrose Rotary.

Jeff Worth at Wakefield Food Pantry

Jeff Worth, Debbie Jones, Wakefield Food Pantry Operations Manager (center) and Janet Rivers, Wakefield Co-op Community Relationship Manager & Wakefield Food Pantry Director of Community Relations.