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Jeans Day for The Food Drive

Melrose branch staff Jeans Day

Melrose branch staff: Elaine Foley, Senior Mortgage Consultant; Cindy Elmore, Universal Banker; Carol Gibelli-Nadeau, Senior Mortgage Consultant; Evon Gerges, AVP, Branch Manager; Leena McQuaid, Senior Universal Banker

Wakefield Co-operative Bank employees recently wore jeans to work to benefit The Food Drive, which facilitates the redistribution of rescued, excess, and donated food to local organizations helping to feed neighbors in need. The bank’s President & CEO, Jeff Worth, doubled employee contributions, resulting in a donation of $441.

Every month, bank employees are encouraged to wear denim to work on designated ‘Jeans Days’ in exchange for a donation to a community organization. The Food Drive, which is based in Melrose, was chosen by employees as a Jeans Day recipient for its enthusiasm and driven spirit to save food from landing in the landfill and getting it out to people who need it most. Since its founding in November 2020, The Food Drive has recovered and delivered over 25,000 pounds of food.

“As a new nonprofit based in Melrose, The Food Drive is especially grateful for Wakefield Co-operative Bank’s support and partnership,” said Jana Gimenez, Board President of The Food Drive. “Our business model is small, flexible, and super local so that we can serve our own community in tackling both hunger and food waste. The fact that the team at the bank took the time to recognize and donate to The Food Drive makes a tremendous impact for us as we spread the word about food rescue itself, and about our program.”

The Food Drive rescues food that would otherwise be disposed of from nearby businesses such as Buckalew’s, Melrose Farmers Market, Shaw’s, Whole Foods and Starbucks in Melrose and The Bread Shop in Wakefield. It is then organized and redirected to Bread of Life in Malden, A Servant’s Heart Food Pantry and Pantry of Hope in Melrose, Everett Grace Food Pantry & Outreach, Malden Warming Center, Caritas Communities (Melrose & Wakefield residences) and Steele House & McCarthy House of Melrose Housing Authority.

Since its inception in 2018, Wakefield Co-operative Bank’s Jeans Day program has resulted in over $16,000 in community donations to local organizations such as A Healthy Lynnfield, Communitas, The Food Drive in Melrose, Habitat for Humanity, Lynnfield for Love, MelroseWakefield Hospital, Mission of Deeds, Reid’s Ride and many more.

To learn more about The Food Drive, visit their Facebook page.

Wakefield branch staff Jeans Day

Wakefield branch staff: Harry Singh, Universal Banker; Mary MacDonald, Universal Banker; Elaine Guaetta, AVP, Branch Manager; Joyce Grasso, VP, Human Resources; Lois Hayward, VP, Chief Technology Officer; Carol Sacco, IT Specialist; Mohammed Bezzat, VP, Retail Administration & Business Development; Andrew Gagnon, Universal Banker.

The Food Drive Jeans Day

Presenting the Jeans Day donation to The Food Drive: Carol Gibelli-Nadeau, Senior Mortgage Consultant; Jana Gimenez, Board President of The Food Drive; Jeff Worth, President & CEO of Wakefield Co-operative Bank; Evon Gerges, AVP, Branch Manager; Elaine Foley, Senior Mortgage Consultant; Mohammed Bezzat, VP, Retail Administration & Business Development.

Lynnfield branch staff Jeans Day

Lynnfield branch staff: Patty Poor, Universal Banker; Judi Grogan, Universal Banker; Cindy Howse; Universal Banker; Bob Clattenburg, AVP, Branch Manager.