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Carter Park Programs Donation

Carter Park Programs Donation

Wakefield Co-operative Bank recently donated $250 to Carter Park Programs (CPP) in Chelsea to assist their mission of providing fitness programs to engage, inspire and mentor children in at-risk communities. Carter Park Programs is a 501c3 non-profit and was founded by Carter Park Crossfit owners Jorge Monzon (President & CEO of CPP), Wayne Ulwick and Blady Sanchez.

With the City of Chelsea having been one of the hardest hit communities from Covid, Carter Park Programs has recently refocused its mission to address the current pressing needs of students who are fully remote learning and families struggling to make ends meet. CPP is offering free fitness, gymnastics and soccer programs to children ages 5-18 in Chelsea to provide a consistent outlet for them to be kept safe, busy, active and healthy.

“These children have become like family to us during this challenging time,” said Jorge Monzon, President & CEO of Carter Park Programs. “We see the struggles they’re having in their day to day lives and really just want to give them a space to move, renew their mental health, feel alive, and be around other kids. We are so grateful for Wakefield Co-op’s donation to help us on this path.” 

Carter Park Programs was recently featured on Channel 5’s “Five for Good” and has been working with the National Guard to give children access to Fitbits during workouts, along with partnering with Premium Preps, a meal prep company, to provide healthy snacks during their sessions.

Pictured here is Bob Clattenburg, AVP, Lynnfield Branch Manager; Jorge Monzon, President & CEO of Carter Park Programs and Co-founder of Carter Park Programs; Kristin Anzuoni, Carter Park Programs Volunteer, Lynnfield native and 25+ year customer of Wakefield Co-operative Bank’s Lynnfield branch.

To learn more about Carter Park Programs, visit their website